Visitor Satisfaction

The Verde River Watershed is known for its excellent recreational opportunities. Using the U.S.D.A. Forest Service’s National Visitor Use Monitoring Survey, we measured the proportion of people who were satisfied with their experience on Forest Service lands.

How is it measured?

Overall visitor satisfaction in the Verde River Watershed was evaluated using the results of the National Visitor Use Monitoring Survey and was graded on a pass/fail scheme. Watershed visitors indicated the overall satisfaction of their visit to Forest Service lands as: 1. Very Satisfied, 2. Somewhat Satisfied, 3. Somewhat Dissatisfied, 4. Very Dissatisfied, or 5. Neither. Results that were “Very Satisfied” or “Somewhat Satisfied” passed (scoring 100), while those that were “Somewhat Dissatisfied,” “Very Dissatisfied,” or “Neither” failed (scoring 0). The 0–100 scores for each zone were averaged together to produce zone scores. Zone scores were area-weighted and summed into the final watershed visitor satisfaction score.