Take action to improve Long Island Sound health

Your actions can help improve the Sound! There are numerous local programs in small embayments throughout Long Island Sound that monitor water quality and other indicators on a more focused scale than is conducted by state and federal governments. As these embayment monitoring programs grow, their data become increasingly valuable to tell the story of annual Long Island Sound ecosystem health. Getting involved with a local embayment group and helping in cleanups and water quality monitoring will help us restore Long Island Sound! Check out the Norwalk Harbor report card and the Inner Hempstead Harbor report card for more information.

Here are some suggestions for how you might contribute towards improving Long Island Sound health:

Photo: Earthplace

Participate in river and coastal clean-up events. By removing discarded trash and debris from our waterways, you will help protect water quality and the aesthetics of the environment.

Photo: Jay K. Schwartz

Be a responsible boater. Never dump trash or debris overboard. Recycle plastics and glass containers and keep them out of our waterways.

Photo: Earthplace

Compost yard waste, like leaves and grass into valuable soil for lawns and gardens, maintain vegetative buffers along stream banks to prevent erosion, and be mindful of the use of fertilizers and chemicals.

Photo: Michael Sean Terretta

Be a considerate pet owner. Never throw pet waste into storm drains or into rivers, streams, or coastal waters. Pet waste contains bacteria that can cause diseases and threaten the safety of those who come in contact with the water.