Take Action!

You can help to keep the Sudbury, Assabet and Concord Rivers clean and healthy for future generations.

These three rivers have survived colonial land clearing, multiple phases of the industrial revolution, and rapid suburbanization, resulting in sedimentation, pollution, and loss of natural green infrastructure. Thankfully, the advances in municipal wastewater treatment in our watershed—from completely absent to high level tertiary treatment—and clean-up at several SuperFund sites have significantly reduced the most obvious forms of pollution. As a result, many recreational uses of the rivers have rebounded in spectacular fashion. Now we see climate disruption throwing us some new challenges, such as extreme precipitation, heat waves, and accellerated growth of invasive species.

Get involved! You can become a citizen scientist to collect key river data or advocate for the rivers using sound science. We work to protect what we know and love. Discover your rivers and find a different world! To help keep our rivers open for recreation, healthy for wildlife, and with beautiful scenery,there's lots you can do at home. Roll up your sleeves and become a river steward. And don't forget--all that work and the resulting successes should be celebrated!

Solving the remaining and emerging problems will take years of hard work and investment by all levels of government and many non-government groups. We can achieve a clean and healthy river, but it can't be done without individual action and advocacy too.