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  • Water Quality and Quantity

  • Social and Cultural

  • Management and Governance

  • Landscapes and Ecology

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  • Overall Health Index

  • Annual low flow

  • Zero Flow Days

  • Municipal Water Supply

  • Groundwater

  • Agriculture surface water supply

  • Flow Alteration

  • Riparian Areas

  • Water Supply for Compact

  • Impaired Streams

  • Invasive Trees and Shrubs

  • Wetland Loss

  • Bird Diversity

  • Silvery Minnow

  • Native Fish Diversity

  • All Fish Diversity

  • Native peoples and acequias support

  • Native peoples and acequias representation

  • Water Resource Governance

  • Water Resource Management

  • Protected Lands

  • Fire

  • Park Visitation

  • Recreation Access

  • Cultural and Historical Places

  • Walkability

  • Heat Vulnerability Index

  • Social Vulnerability Index

  • Air Quality

  • Affordable Housing

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