Upper Susquehanna

The Susquehanna River watershed comprises 43% of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The Upper Susquehanna (the upper-third of the Susquehanna River) begins at Cooperstown, New York, and flows into Pennsylvania where it meets the Middle Susquehanna River. Fishing is a popular activity along this portion of the Susquehanna—smallmouth bass, walleye, rock bass, muskellunge, and channel catfish are just some of the commonly caught species along this stretch. The Susquehanna River has been named America’s Most Endangered River twice—once in 2005, and again in 2011. Overdevelopment, agricultural run-off, and water flow impairments are just some of the many threats to the Susquehanna River. (Based on New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper.)