Recreation Access

Access to recreation is an important part of human well-being. To assess this, UMCES conducted a Survey of Rio Grande Basin residents, asking participants how strongly they agreed or disagreed with various statements. Statements used to assess access to recreation were: 1) Pre-historic and historic sites in the Upper Rio Grande are easily accessible to the public. 2) People from local community groups and schools are able to enjoy outdoor activities. 3) Local people and visitors are able to recreate along the Rio Grande. 4) There is adequate water for recreation uses (e.g. fishing, boating, hiking, hunting)

People enjoy canoeing on the river, by Paul Tashjian.

How is it measured?

Survey responses were scored based on how much responders agreed with each statement, so that "Strongly agree" responses scored 100%, "Agree" 75%, "Neutral" 50%, "Disagree" 25%, and "Strongly disagree" 0%.