A report card for the Upper Rio Grande basin

Watershed report cards are powerful tools to describe ecosystem status, increase public awareness, and inform and influence decision makers to improve the health of a watershed. This is the first Upper Rio Grande Report Card. It is the collective effort of dozens of stakeholders throughout the Upper Rio Grande watershed. Indicators in the report card were selected to assess the health of four different values in the watershed: Water Quantity & Quality, Management & Governance, Society & Culture, and Landscapes & Ecology. Overall, the Upper Rio Grande watershed earned a score of 54%, a C.

Creating a resilient river report card and scenario model for the Upper Rio Grande

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, a diverse group of stakeholders from around the country assembled over the course of four virtual meetings in the Fall of 2020 to begin the process of developing a report card and scenario model for the Upper Rio Grande watershed. During these workshops, participants discussed potential indicators and methods that could accurately and meaningfully assess the social, economic, ecological, and governmental health of the watershed. This 4-page newsletter summarizes the outputs of this workshop.

Charting a Resilient Future for the Rio Grande

This newsletter announces the beginning of the Upper Rio Grande report card and scenario modeling project. It outlines the issues the project seeks to explore and expected outcomes.

Upper Rio Grande Report Card Methodology

This document describes the methods and development process for the Upper Rio Grande Basin Report Card.