You can help improve the health of Western Lake Erie!

Western Lake Erie has a large, complex watershed, and solving some of its problems will take years of hard work and investment by all levels of government and non-government groups. Achieving a clean, healthy Lake Erie takes individual action too. Here are some things you can do to help improve and maintain the health of Lake Erie.

Protecting Lake Erie is a daily exercise.

Remember: what goes on the land eventually goes into the water.

  • Choose non-toxic household cleaning products.

  • Pick up after your pets. Pet waste is a contributor of bacteria and nutrients.

  • If your home has a septic system, follow recommended maintenance to keep it operating efficiently.

  • Use fertilizers properly. Reduce lawn area, and use landscaping and lawn care that slow runoff and keep sediment and nutrients out of waterways.

  • Choose locally grown produce, dairy, and meat from farmers who use sustainable practices.

  • Reduce plastic use. Plastics pollute the lake and local waterways.

Take action and advocate for clean water.

Find out who’s working for clean water and healthy habitats in your neighborhood and community. Become a member, attend an event, or make a donation to show your support. Working together with people throughout the watershed builds stewardship and solves environmental challenges.

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