Native peoples and acequias support

To ensure equity in federal and state initiatives and governance, it is vital to ensure support is provided to native peoples in terms of governance, representation, and funding. To assess the level to which native peoples and acequias are supported, UMCES conducted a Survey of Rio Grande Basin residents, asking participants how strongly they agreed or disagreed with various statements. Statements used to assess this indicator were: 1) Tribal nations and pueblos are being supported by federal and state governance. 2) The funding level for tribal nations and pueblos is adequate. 3) Acequias are being supported by federal and state governance. 4) The funding level for acequias is adequate.

Diné weaving demonstration, by Ken Bosma, via Flickr.

How is it measured?

Survey responses were scored based on how much responders agreed with each statement, so that "Strongly agree" responses scored 100%, "Agree" 75%, "Neutral" 50%, "Disagree" 25%, and "Strongly disagree" 0%.